Somalia, Djibouti cases soar as porous borders become new threat.

Somalia and Djibouti’s covid-19 cases could become the new worry for regional neighbours already fighting their local battles against the scary virus disease. As at Wednesday, Djibouti had reported 1,120 cases as Somalia filed 835 incidences of infections. Both countries have a common language and common cultural practices with neighbours Kenya and Ethiopia. But a rise in their cases was directly affecting neighbours. On Wednesday, Ethiopia reported 17 new cases of the virus disease.

Dr Lia Tadesse, the Ethiopian Health Minister indicated that 13 of those had recently returned to Ethiopia, illegally, from Djibouti and Somalia; reflecting the porous borders between the countries.Four other people were residents of Addis Ababa with no travel history, indicating a community spread something officials had dreaded weeks ago. Ethiopia now has 162 total cases with four deaths and 93 recoveries.

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